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Camping at Fort Mountain State Park

Regardless of being a lifelong Floridian and having to drive through Georgia (unless you head west through Alabama) to exit the state, I was clueless about how magnificent the North Georgia mountains were. I always looked for mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee, while heading to and from on I-75 and never bypassing that route […]

Top 8 Cushy Campspots in Texas

Texas is as big as it is beautiful. I think people forget just how big Texas is. I know I do, but after driving ten hours across the state, it slaps you in the face. Texas has it all. It has some of the most beautiful scenery, food, places to swim, and what make’s it […]

8 Great Camp Spots in SoCal

Young or old, camping is a timeless excursion back to where the roaring campfire means not just heat, but stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A simple time to share and to get to know, to experience all the wonderment of Mother Nature.

10 Awesome Adirondack Camping Spots

It is because of our desire for adventure and our passion for the area that we are driven to create a way to share our love of the Adirondack Park and all that it has to offer with others.

Colorado’s Mount Sniktau

This one goes out to the people who need an altitude fix and need it fast. Or those who are unsure about this whole alpine hiking thing but want to at least give it a try. If you live in the Denver area or you are traveling there and have a little time to kill, […]

Black Mesa: Solitude, silence and serenity

Think of a place. A place that you’ve never been, that caught your attention, and for whatever reason, didn’t let go. You tell yourself that one day, you’re going to go there. I seem to zig where other people zag. Whereas a lot of people might gravitate toward a tropical paradise or some sort of […]

Off the Trail at Red River Gorge

One complaint I hear from time-to-time when talking to people familiar with Red River Gorge is that it is too crowded. While you will certainly encounter quite a few people, especially on a beautiful fall weekend, you can still escape the crowds if you are willing and able to be a little more adventurous. Until recently, our […]

Jen’s Favorite Places: California

If you’re longing for some time in the great outdoors, there are countless places that could soothe your craving. If you want a truly unique experience any time of year, you should consider heading west to California’s beautiful central coast. Whether you want to be nestled within the tall Redwoods or you’d rather wake up […]