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Outdoor Origins: Bivy

Bivy was born out of five years, four moves, three lost bags, and too much camping gear. After squeezing an ever expanding gear collection into magically shrinking closets, Jon (our founder) knew there had to be a better way. Now you can experience the great outdoors without bringing the campsite back to your living room.

Outdoor Origins: Purinize

PURINIZE, a Michigan-based company, offers a new and innovative water purifier designed for travel, outdoor, and survival enthusiasts as well as emergency preparedness and water storage treatment. With over ten years working in the home and industrial water treatment markets, the founders of PURINIZE knew it was only a matter of time before they ventured into the outdoor and […]

Outdoor Origins: Backpack Sixpack

There are few things folks in the Seattle area love more than hiking and beer. As craft beer culture has taken off around the country, the Pacific Northwest has become a hot bed of breweries and beer lovers. And those same beer lovers are often the ones taking advantage of Washington’s endless network of hikes— […]

Outdoor Origins: Cairn

Cairn™, a Bend, Oregon based company ( offers an innovative subscription box servicefor outdoor enthusiasts. Cairn hopes to excite and inspire you to get back out on the trail, river, crag, single track, or wherever your adventure takes you via a monthly delivery of new outdoor products.

Outdoor Origins: Flow397

Ben Kieffner allowed us to get a look inside Flow397: an apparel company that gives new meaning to $3.97, supports our national parks & public lands and inspires “flow.” Founders Brian Stowers and Ben Kieffner developed Flow397 in response to a shared conviction to leverage the power of capitalism by creating a socially responsible “for-profit” […]