From Fitness Retreats to Adventure Camping – Why Camping Can Never Be Boring Again

Throw away those s’mores and stash away the lazy reads next to a bubbling brook. Just when you thought that glamping was here to stay, a new craze hits the camping scene. The focus on personal health and fitness becomes more prevalent as a quarter of deaths reported in the U.S. is attributed to heart disease. With that in mind, what better way to ramp up the health and fitness than in the great outdoors.

Camping with Fitness in Mind

For those who are carrying around a little bit of extra weight, backpacking with the intention of losing weight offers participants the opportunity to improve their own personal fitness. Fondly named “fatpacking,” fitness retreats across the country offer participants the chance to increase their heart rates while taking in the stunning scenery. Tour guides are certified personal trainers and once the trail is done, participants can look forward to a massage to prepare those muscles for the next day.

There are a number of camps dotted across the U.S. that allow fitness junkies to up their game as well. These camps are more than just yoga retreats and running trails, they also have a careful monitoring and motivational system in place to ensure fitness enthusiasts get the most out of their trip.

Handy Gadgets to Take Along

Apart from the obvious camping gear such as utility knives, flints, and torches, there are gadgets for newfound fitness enthusiasts which provide the opportunity to track their progress. Activity trackers offer participants a constant update on their fitness levels and for those new to the game, this is an integral part of the fitness journey.

Camping is also the perfect time to try out the new Sportiiiis fitness goggles for cyclists that track all the important information regarding their trip, without the frustration of checking along the journey. Another handy fitness companion is a fork that controls the speed of eating. The HAPIfork is especially handy for those who struggle to control their eating habits, plus it allows campers to take functional cutlery along with them. Finally, camping is the ideal time to pack light which means multiple containers simply aren’t sensible. This is where the Umoro One is a great option, as it drops whey protein into water mix at the push of a button. The whey is stored inside the bottle in a capsule.

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