What Is #CampChat?

#CampChat is a Twitter Chat hosted by us (@Campstake) every Tuesday on our Twitter channel.

Each #CampChat is on a particular topic that changes every week. For example, our next topic is “First Day of Fall” and last Tuesday’s topic was “At The Peak”

We invite everyone and anyone who shares even a passing interest in camping, hiking, or any type of outdoor activity or appreciation. It’s very simple to participate!

How Does It Work?

Every Tuesday, starting at 9pm ET, we begin to ask a series of questions through the @Campstake Twitter account. When then continue to ask questions every 5 minutes for an hour, ending at 10pm ET.

Are questions are formatted as “Q1:, Q2:, Q3:, etc.” and you can reply to the questions with your answer using the format “A1:, A2:, A3:, etc.”

Our tweets (and your tweets too!) are tagged with the hashtag #CampChat so you can follow along in the conversation.

We do our best to retweet and reply to all the answers!

Tips and Tricks!

#CampChatFam is our collective unit — a mixture of outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, photographers and more who are sick with wanderlust and share one thing: an affinity for camping, hiking, and the outdoors in general!

Feel free to ask questions of the group — that’s what we’re all here for. We love to share our knowledge with each other. What gear should you purchase? Where should you go? What should you avoid?

Have fun. Invite your friends. Come back! We’ve been hosting #CampChat every Tuesday night at 9ET/6PT since January of 2015 – getting to know like-minded folks across the country (and in other countries) have helped us expand our horizons. You can do the same!

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September 19th, 2017

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