Real people who have been there before leave reviews at a campsite level. It’s like asking friends about their stay — how it was, what they did, if they’d return.

Was it beautiful? How was the biking? Were the fish biting? Did you get swarmed by mosquitoes? Can I bring my dog? Users rate their experience at a campsite level, using various criteria that fellow campers will find useful.

Find someplace new.

Our “Place” pages look beautiful and make it incredibly easy to find the best place to camp.

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All of these reviews, ratings and photos are then aggregated to give the campground, park, state and region a score.

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Use Campstake reviews to find a great place, and use Campstake Passport to have even more fun while you’re there.

All of the feels.

For every recommendation, Campstake will donate $1 to wildlife and wilderness conservation funds. What better way to compliment these beautiful hideaways than by supporting their conservation?

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Campstake's web platform is designed to be fully responsive across devices, with mobile apps to follow. Using tools such as Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome Icons, we look to provide a consistent feel across devices - - leaving users with a great experience anywhere, any time.

The Passport

In addition to standard profile features, such as listing your reviews and submitted photos, we are also letting you “check-in” while you’re camping — stamping your Passport with gorgeous, custom marks that you can show off as a badges of honor. You can also leave reviews on the go, see local activities, send your friends photos, catalog your adventures and leave notes for future campers.

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